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People of Pamoja featuring Nixon

Nixon (17 years old)

A lot of things change since I join Pamoja Tunaweza. My beavior has changed now I can see myself as good kid in my community. I don't use drugs anymore. Before I join Pamoja Tunaweza I was staying on the street, helping fundis (tradespeople) to build houses, collecting metals with other street children, helping mama's to wash dishes so I can be able to get food for lunch and dinner. I was facing a lot of challenges. It was really hard to get food when I was leaving on the street sometime I can stay without eating for 1 day until I get a job to do, fighting from police, other children convince me to use drugs. I heard about Pamoja after leaders from Pamoja were doing street outreach and they ask me if I would love to join the program. After they tell me about pamoja and what pamoja doing I was so interested to join the program. I love to make bracelets so I can be able to help other street children by teaching them. I would love to advise other children who are living on the street to look places like pamoja tunaweza were they can learn different skills. In two years I see my self I use all the skills I have been learning here a pamoja. After I learned all the skills I would love to go back to my community and teach them all the skills I have. Nawapenda - I love you all!


Nixon was one of the first full-time street youth that joined the Street-Connected Youth Education Program. He has never missed a day of the program, and can always been seen at the PTBGC helping out and learning wherever and whenever he can.

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