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September Update

Check Out What We've Been Up To...

Thanks to the generous donations from friends Sam and the Anderson family our team got to visit Marteruni Waterfalls. The waterfalls are only 20 minutes away from PTBGC, however this was the first time many of the youth got to visit the falls. It was a chilly but fun-filled day with lots of water play!

This month we continued our partnership with YADEN in their pilot program #ithechange. This program brings together youth engaged in various levels of crime and community stakeholders in order to understand how we as a community can minimize the amount of youth engaged in criminal activities. Check out the short video about the project below - which features some of our team!

One September 16th we hosted our first monthly women's group! Leaders Morgan and Irene, and guest lecturers from a local university, facilitated three lectures on early marriage, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS. We had a great response from all the participants and they are eager to continue to attend these monthly workshops!


Did you know we operate a bed and breakfast? Located just down the street from the Boys & Girls Club, the Worlds Collide Africa House is a social enterprise in which 100% of profits support the Boys & Girls Club and our other projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you or someone you know is planning on visiting Moshi, book your accommodations with us! We promise, Worlds Collide Africa House will be your home away from home. Karibu sana, you are most welcome.

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