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People of Pamoja Featuring Mwinyi

Mwinyi (22 years old)

"A lot of things have changed since I joined Pamoja. My behaviour was not good. I didn’t have time with my family. I was with bad groups and staying in the street, using drugs with other kids and working as a craftsman when I could. I faced a lot of challenges on the streets, like using drugs and stealing from people. Before, my community saw me as not good because of my behaviour. Because I was a street kid. But since I joined Pamoja I learned new skills and my behaviour has changed. My community has changed too and now they see me as a good person. I want to teach children living on the street, and other young people, to look for opportunity to learn different skills. It is important to provide education to the community to educate them about street children."


People of Pamoja provides an inside look into the lives, thoughts, experiences, challenges and triumphs of the youth that make up Pamoja Tunaweza Boys & Girls Club.

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