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Insights from an Artist

Being an artist means you reinterpret your experiences, the societal pressures placed upon you, the childhood you had. The life you're living, your success and failures, into a reimagined from that can speak to others. Being an artist is a constant process, not a permanent trait. For me to be an artist it means a lot, because I feel so free when I'm creating something.

Helping others and working with kids it something I have been doing since high school and it a moment which I will never regret in my whole life because I learned a lot from them as they learned from me. Waste management it a huge problem here in Tanzania because people burning all the garbage instead of proper methods. I wanted to share waste management because we're participating in a recycled art competition, which is aimed to educate the community about waste management. It my hope that we will come up with many more ideas which I will not wait to share.


David organizes annual Art Exhibitions hosted at Maembe Cafe & Lounge located in Moshi, Tanzania. Our first Art Exhibition featured paintings within the theme, 'Discover Kilimanjaro' created by the students in the Street-Connected Youth Education Program. The next Art Exhibition will be a collaboration with multiple primary and secondary schools in Moshi in an art competition to create a product only using recycled materials.

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