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Rafii (16 years old)

© Marytza Leiva

"I was on the streets for 1 year and some months. Life while I was on the streets was bad. To not have money for eating, sleeping on the ground when it was cold, picking up metals to sell. Sometimes we [other street kids] would work together but we depend on ourselves for eating. At night, we would sleep somewhere in a group together. I learned that some kids, their parents chased them from home. Others, they did something wrong and their parents said never come back. So I learned that even small kids are on the street; there are others like me. The biggest challenge was sleeping on the ground, because of the cold at night. Because of this, I decided to go back home. It was an easy decision because my father wouldn't ask where I was. When I went back home life was good. Life at home was good, my mama na baba [mother and father] loved me."

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