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I had the opportunity to complete my community development placement in May 2017 at PTBGC. I joined the workshop team for four weeks and was amazed with their creativity, resourcefulness and talent when it came to creating jewelry. We worked closely and collaborated with the youth leaders to create and deliver a marketing package as well as a professional development curriculum for the youth to learn various life and business skills. Some topics included: personal hygiene, professional dress, communication skills, delivering an elevator pitch etc. The goal is to empower the youth to develop the skills to sell their products in order to gain meaningful employment and to be self sustainable. I had a wonderful time getting to know the youth, their stories and developing relationships with them. The youth were some of the most talented and resilient individuals I have ever met. I look back on my time at PTBGC with fond memories as this was an invaluable experience to be part of an organization that is based on local empowerment and sustainability

Samantha, Canada

Summer 2017

My time as a student volunteer at PTBGC was full of laughs, insights, and creative projects! Along with many memorable experiences: celebrating birthdays with playful water fights, getting to know the strengths and talents of each of the youth, and the Discover Kilimanjaro Art Exhibition. The leadership team inspired me to always think sustainably and to consider cultural factors, lessons I hope to take with me into my future practice as an OT!

Molly, Canada

Summer 2017

I recommend this experience of life to the entire world's youth...It is something that you won’t ever forget. It is a life changing experience. More than what you give them is what you learn from them.

Angelo, Chile

Spring 2015

I had an unforgettable two months at PTBGC. I was impressed with the optimism and resilience of everyone there; their determination to improve their lives by gaining new skills. The club had the feeling of one big family, something I hope it can retain as it continues to grow and welcomes new members. 

Lisa, UK

October & November 2015

I was one of five Queen's Community Development placement students lucky enough to spend a summer at PTBGC. It is hard to put into words the impact this experience had on me at the time and the lessons I still carry with me. The spirit of the leaders and members of the club is something that I will never forget. The name Pamoja Tunaweza (together we can) was reflected in the actions and words of its members and leaders every day. It was humbling to witness such large dreams being put into motion everyday through collaborative efforts. I am honored and thankful to have been a brief part of this process. 
Thank you PTBGC!

Stephanie, Canada

Summer 2014

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