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People of Pamoja Featuring Mohammed

Mohammed Ramadhani

"Before, I didn't respect my family and my friends. I used to be a thief and steal small items. I stayed on the street and collected metal. I heard about Pamoja Tunaweza from other children who were already registered as a Pamoja member. They told me there are good skills I can learn here at Pamoja. Then I was so excited to join the group. I now have a good relationship with my family and my friends. I make money now so I do not need to steal. I would love to advise other children who stay on the street to never give up and look for a place like Pamoja Tunaweza where they can learn different skills."


People of Pamoja provides an inside look into the lives, thoughts, experiences, challenges and triumphs of the youth that make up Pamoja Tunaweza Boys & Girls Club.

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